AbundantYOU Retreats

Return home inspired, empowered and confident.

February 8-10, 2019 ~ Grayland, Washington

Spend three incredible days nurturing your mind, body & soul at an

all-inclusive AbundantYOU Retreat. With the breathtaking Pacific Northwest in the background, our experienced facilitators guide you through simple, yet insightful exercises that will

connect you with your true essence and empower you to live an abundant life.


Quiet reflection

Guided meditation

Clarity of core values


Homemade organic meals 

Yoga and stretching


Define your essence

Identify goals full of


Self compassion work

Meet Your Facilitators



Co-Founder AbundantYOU Retreats

Senior Retreat Facilitator

Hillary Bennett is an experienced professional coach, facilitator, and loves speaking to groups large and small.  Hillary specializes in empowering people and organizations to connect with their core identity and capitalize on their strengths to achieve incredible growth.   


For over 10 years Hillary has designed and led leadership development programs at a global, Fortune 50 company.  As an expert in this area, she has partnered with several corporations to devise enterprise strategies to increase employee engagement, offer worthwhile development opportunities and foster a culture of inclusion.  


As a life long learner Hillary has earned her MBA from Seattle University with a focus on Leadership Development and is currently being certified as an executive coach by the International Coaching Federation.  She is always looking for new ways to live a more authentic life so that she can be a better partner, mother and citizen of the world.  



Co-Founder AbundantYOU Retreats

Senior Retreat Facilitator

Leilani Raglin is a seasoned professional speaker, facilitator, writer, and coach, focused on facilitating understanding and healing across racial lines. Leilani specializes in growing radically authentic and empowered leaders, parents, and families while creating intentional change in communities and organizations.


Leilani has a robust business and leadership background, having designed and deployed several enterprise leadership development programs for a Fortune 50 company, with a focus on authenticity; diversity, inclusion, and equity; and mindful leadership. She has years of experience as an emotional intelligence instructor and coach, partnering with Dr. Bill Weis of Seattle University to facilitate the MBA course domestically and abroad. Leilani is an expert on the mixed race experience, supporting parents and communities in understanding how to engage mixed race children thoughtfully in order to promote healing and self-acceptance.


Leilani has worked with a number of corporations, non-profits, schools, and organizations to advance various social and racial justice causes. A brilliant strategist, innovative visionary, and daring activist, Leilani regularly challenges systems of authority and oppression for more equitable outcomes. She describes herself as someone that aims to bring light to even the darkest of spaces.

Each retreat is uniquely designed to fit the needs of the attendees so timing and meals will vary